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Don't know if you all heard, but LJ is being taken over by the Russians [it's like a plot to a bad post-Cold War Avant Garde espionage thriller, or something. anyway...] and they're changing EVERYTHING INTO CYRILLIC. And as I'm sure plenty of people heard too, but Star Wars is being bought by Disney, so it seems everything is kinda falling to pieces.

I'm leaving for Army Basic next week, so maybe this is a good way to say goodbye to LJ and all the folks I've talked to on here.

This comm. is pretty much dead so far as I can tell, but I'd be remiss in not saying goodbye to everybody. Best of luck to you all!

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Character ideas

Hey folks! I started playing KOTOR again after 2.5 years, and I've created a few characters from other universes: Ezio Auditore [Assassin's Creed] and Motoko Kusanagi aka "The Major" [Ghost in the Shell].

Going light side for sure. I made Ezio a scoundrel [he is, after all, a ladies man] and a JG, while the Major as a soldier/JG too. Anyway. Just a few things.

Whenever you guys play KOTOR1, how far in level do you build your character's initial class? I always take them up to 5 [just to be able to deal with some of the heavy combat on Taris, including the dueling ring] before holding off leveling until I get to Dantooine for Jedi levels. I have managed to take a level four scoundrel through Taris once. The only big obstacle was the dueling ring.

Party wise, throughout most of my playthroughs I've usually had my PC supported by two missile characters, usually Carth and Canderous and eventually Canderous and HK. At the endgame on the Star Forge, I'd usually mix it up and bring along Juhani [for a melee/melee/missile combo]. However considering I don't play KOTOR all that much anymore, I want to experiment a bit. Mainly with Carth, Canderous, HK and Zaalbar. I figure this: HK and Carth are missile support all the way, but Canderous and Zaalbar are EASILY the best tanks in the game. Canderous has an odd build when you get him: he starts with a higher STR score than DEX, but is more trained in hvy weapons than melee. Zaalbar, once you get him fully trained for dual wielding [along with the highest tier power attack], easily trumps any of Malak's lackeys. So yah. I want to mix it up a bit, definitely throw Zaalbar and Ordo in for melee backup. What do you guys prefer party wise?

I'm going to take said characters and make them in KOTOR2 as well. Both Jedi Guardians, but I'm split about what to do regarding prestige classes. Ezio would fit either three:

- Ezio is a melee combat expert, able to fight off hordes of foes with swords, maces, daggers, and heavy 2H weapons including polearms, axes, and zweihanders. Therefore he'd fit as a Jedi Weapons Master.

- He's also a stealth hound, an Assassin, a guardian of various realms: therefore it'd make sense if he was a Jedi Watchman

- Finally, Ezio does become a living legend later on, a Master Assassin and Supreme Leader of the Assassin Order as they battle the Templars. In this regard, he does qualify as a Jedi Master.

What do you guys think?

As for the Major:

- She pwns n00bs left and right with her bare hands or shoots them to pieces: Jedi Weapons Master

- Her cyborg abilities and enhanced everything can make her invisible and deadly. She's also the field commander of Section 9, a Law Enforcement officer for that matter, guarding against and rooting out cyber terrorism: Jedi Watchman

Again, thoughts?

Oh, yah. I might make Count Dooku at some point too. I don't know what I'd make him for his initial class in KOTOR1, but he's definitely going to be a Jedi Guardian. In KOTOR2, think I'll go Guardian/Sith Lord for sure.

So yah. How are your characters coming along?
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Posted at the request of darth_eldritch.

Hey guys,

Long time no see. :)

Anyway, this isn't exactly a complete fic per se -- mostly a snippet of a fic involving Carth and Bastila deciding to go to Malachor with the others to search for Revan. Snippet mostly takes place after Arawn and the others have beat Nihilus at Telos, and heading to Malachor.

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Hey folks

I felt this the only appropriate place to rant about TOR - specifically, what they did with the Exile, or so known as "Meetra Surik."


Yes. She was killed off like a casual NPC, and, yes, given an actual name instead of just "The Exile" or "General." That's just plain annoying, something I'd shake my head at rather than bitch about.

No, what I'm griping about is her characterization. Specifically her relationship with Revan, as written on her page:

"…History remembers her as the Exile. To me, she was… more."

Meetra Surik joined Revan's faction of Jedi that defended the Galactic Republic in the Mandalorian Wars. During the conflict with the Mandalorians, Surik became one of Revan's most trusted generals, second only to Malak himself. On her part, Surik came to see Revan as her mentor, and thus she was completely loyal to him. Her feelings for Revan even extended to love, though not in a romantic way. Rather, she loved him like a father. Surik would later credit Revan's influence as a factor behind her development into a great Jedi.

After the destruction of the Sith Triumvirate, Surik departed known space with T3-M4 in order to find Revan. She eventually found and freed her mentor from captivity with the help of Lord Scourge. Surik then joined him in an attempt to assassinate the Sith Emperor, who planned to consume all life in the galaxy in order to live indefinitely. Surik, instead of capitalizing on an opportunity to kill the Emperor, chose to save Revan's life during the fight. The assassination plot ultimately failed and Surik was killed by Scourge. While the duel took place, Scourge witnessed a vision of the future through the Force, in which he saw that the Emperor would die by the hand of a Jedi—but that Jedi was neither Revan or Surik. Hence, he killed Surik in order to feign loyalty to the Emperor."

Although Surik was dead, she refused to become one with the Force immediately. Instead, she allowed her spirit to stay with Revan, who had been captured and imprisoned once again. For the next three centuries, Surik's spirit augmented Revan's own strength of will, and thus enabled him to resist the Emperor's powers."

After three hundred years as the Emperor's prisoner, Revan was released by agents of the Republic and the Jedi Order. Soon after his liberation, Revan was visited by the spirit of Meetra Surik. He then realized that it was her presence that helped him to endure the centuries of captivity. After Surik disappeared, a determined Revan vowed to complete what their ultimate objective—the destruction of the Sith."

Revan as a father figure? Platonic love? What?

Its not that simple. Whenever I play K2, I always get the feeling that the Exile feels a certain degree of..."indifference" to Revan, for not only making a mess out of the galaxy, but also for just being gone and away for so long. Yes, they may have been comrades during the war, but 'friend' and 'ally' mean different things. She worked with Revan, but it didn't necessarily mean she LIKED Revan as a person. As in, she agreed with the cause he was fighting for, but his means of going about fighting the Mandalorians? Honestly.

Let's put it in this perspective. Revan was a cold hearted bastard. He adopted the tactics of the Mandalorians he had been fighting for all those years. The Exile fought to save the galaxy from the Mandos, but in no way enjoyed killing. She especially did not enjoy destroying the Mandalorian race at Malachor V, nor did she enjoy feeling empty and hollow afterwards, being a literal dead spot in the force.

I also object to her being labeled a "great Jedi." I don't know if these were the exact words used in the Revan novel, but I'm against it on these reasons:

- Playing K2, I never got the sense the Exile was a "great" Jedi, powerful in the force, in the likes of Mace Windu, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, or Luke Skywalker. I always got the sense he/she was just a regular Joe/Jane, got kicked in the teeth a lot over the years after the war, but yet was toughened up by years of hard living on the Outer Rim. The Exile's quest during K2 was unique because she was a blank slate, a broken Jedi still on the run from her past. But over the course of said quest, the character deals with per past, mends her broken spirit/soul, regains her connection to the Force...all from an undying willingness to get the job done without the Force. If Revan is all about the power of the Force, then the Exile is all about strength and toughness, sans force.
- Also, the use of the word "great" is thrown around way too much to describe too many Jedi. Its irritating. Also, the use of the word "hero" to describe Jedi can be aggravating as well. Yes. We get it. The Jedi are all powerful and they pwn n00bs.

Also, some other things that bother me:

- Lord Scourge...wait, what? SCOURGE? That's as bad as Darth Krayt. May as well call the bloke "Darth bald headed built like a fridge badass that's used in every single ****ing modern day TV/videogame series."
- Oh, and the idea of Revan being bested by the Emperor, "clash of the titans" if you will. Revan pwning everybody and then being beaten by somebody even more powerful, this all powerful "I AM THE DESTRUCTOR, BOW BEFORE ME PEONS!" type...it screams of little boys on the playground shouting "I shot you with my rifle! bang bang you're dead!" "No I used a bullet proof vest and shot you at the same time with a rocket launcher!" "my skin is crystal armor that reflects missiles!" I mean honestly. Its petty. So petty. gah.

Think that's all I got for now. Thoughts? Opinions?
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Fic Rec: On Being A Sith Lord

Title: On Being A Sith Lord
Author: DarthAmmonite
Fandom: Star Wars
Rating: PG-13/T (on FFN)
Summary: Having a Sith Lord in your head is bad...having a Sith Lord with a really foul sense of humor is even worse. KotOR 1
Note: This is a brilliant fic about f!Revan dealing with the fallout from Malak's revelation. There's a great deal of humour in this fic, the banter is worth dying for, and in the middle of all that funny are the gems. And what are the gems, you might ask? They're very inspired moments of insight into who Revan was, and the nature of the Dark Side and the Light Side. f!Revan/Carth, you could probably see f!Revan/Canderous as well. Link goes to FFN.
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K1 and K2 "fest"

In the wake of the mixed reactions to certain TOR announcements: read: getting to kill Revan, I was thinking maybe we need a break from all that negativity. darth_eldritchencouraged me to post this ;)

So this is to encourage a K1 and K2 fest of sorts! Comment or post here, to this comm! Tell us all about your favourite characters, some of your crowning moments of epic awesomeness in the games, the silly moments, some of the weirdest things that happened! What is your head!canon for Revan, Malak, and all our favourite characters? Rec and share some of the better fanfic you've seen! Fanart! The only commandment is that thou shalt have fun and celebrate what we love about K1 and K2 - and how KOTOR is, in a way, the gift that keeps on giving!
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Atton's Ribbed Jacket

I once promised to post this:

This is a picture of Andur and Nomi Sunrider, with their baby, Vima. It is from Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic, from which Obsidian had taken the design of Atton's distinctive Ribbed Jacket.

KotOR was inspired by Dark Horse's Tales of the Jedi, and KotOR 2 captured a lot of the spirit of that classic comic series. The scenes on Onderon particularly reminds me of those great old comics, as does the overall game.
Bastila Shan

Bastila Shan

This is part of a major meme of promoting female characters who have been treated badly by their respective fandoms: We Love the Women that the Fandom Hates posted by akzseinga.

I claimed Bastila Shan, Mara Jade, and Jaina Solo. I will begin with Bastila Shan.

Even when I first played Knights of the Old Republic with a former friend, she took a virulent hatred towards Bastila to the point the elected to play light side just to have the option of killing Bastila on the Star Forge when you have the chance to redeem her from the dark side.
This really put me off, to say it mildly. And I’ve seen others dismiss her as annoying.

Bastila is a strong character, the sort of character I like seeing women portrayed as. Even if she undertakes a mission of what might be questionable ethics, probing Revan’s mind, does not mean she is any less than an awesome character in the story, and all of the afore mentioned are simply part of her character evolution as she moves from a certain haughtiness to truly understanding the dark side and true compassion. Such character development, altogether too rare in many Star Wars stories, only make her so much better.

She is outspoken, competent, decisive and quick to act. These qualities are essential to one who is tactically savvy. It is better to act quickly and decisively and make a mistake, than it is to be hesitant and do nothing, according to the masters of strategy and tactics. She realizes this at some level, which is why she sometimes gets impatient with the ways of the Jedi, who seem to be hesitant in many ways in KotOR. And perhaps that is one of the reasons she readily identifies with the master of strategy, Revan, even as she claims the way of the Jedi Council were right in the beginning.

She is a fun character, too, in spite of her stern attitude. She’s fun in the romance subplot with the male Revan and holds her own in spite of her overwhelming attraction to Revan and her feelings. It speaks volumes of her ability and control that she is even able to handle herself on such a difficult mission and with such a tremendous gamble such as Revan. And it is no mean feat that she had been able to capture a powerful Sith Lord in the first place and devise a plan to uncover the secrets Revan had regarding the Sith Empire, the means with which Darth Malak was to be defeated.

She doesn’t rely only on her extraordinary gift of Battle Meditation, but on her own resourcefulness, and her other developing skills. And she is strong willed enough to resist Malak’s tortures as long as she did before falling to the Dark Side, especially considering her strong Force bond with Revan that made her vulnerable to the hidden shadows in Revan’s mind. That she may have been tempted by what the Dark Side might offer only made her more of a well rounded character with her own challenges, and weaknesses to overcome.

Knights of the Old Republic would not be the same without her.