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Knights of the Old Republic Legends

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Classic Knights of the Old Republic without the retcon.
This is a community for pre-retcon Knights of the Republic that remains with the spirit of KotOR 1 and KotOR 2, and the Knights of the Old Republic tales presented in the vintage Dark Horse comics Tales of the Jedi that had inspired the KotOR games.

There is no "official" Revan or the Exile here, nor is there an "official" KotOR timeline, just head!canon in the open ended scope of the Role Playing Games of Knights of the Old Republic. Individual experience playing these games is what counts.
We would rather play Revan or the Exile, than hear about their fates.

Discussions of KotOR are welcome, as long as it is in the spirit of the game stories themselves, and it is not promoting retcon or "The Old Republic" MMORPG. Of course background information or even later characters (Zayne Carrick, Jarael) may be present in fics or art, such as; Darth Malak's previous name, his homeworld, the name of Carth's wife (Morgana), Kreia being Arren Kae, as long as the central theme is focused on KOTOR I or KOTOR II, the stories of Revan or the Exile.

This means no posting TOR, retcon, or MMORPG material. Or anything not of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic era, such as the movies, Clone Wars. Any other fandom must be of crossover with classic KotOR, and labeled as such.

Art and fanfic are welcome, also, as are any meta on the KOTOR story, or presentation of favorite characters, favorite styles of play, gamer questions, even RPG, etc. So are rants about Revan, the Exile, etc, feel free to have fun!!!

The rules are simple:

-Respect. No flaming or bashing others.

-If there is any discussion about retcon or the TOR MMORPG, please keep it intelligent and respectful. This community is for those who prefer KOTOR over TOR. And no mindless bashing of TOR or retcon. We are part of the fandom that recognizes TOR, and those who do enjoy TOR are welcome here, also.

-And, no canon policing! This community is for those who love the original KOTOR and do not want "official" versions.
Any argument that Revan or the Exile MUST be male or female will result in banning.

-Use lj cuts where appropriate, including entries more than a few short paragraphs, NSFW, large images, or more than a one row of icons.

-Please use lj cuts for spoiler content. There are those who have not finished either game, or light side or dark side scenarios.

-credit any work posted, do not claim anyone else's work as your own

-Use appropriate warnings on fics, as applicable, or show in the header that you choose not to give warnings.

-place "femslash" or "slash," "m/m," or "f/f," under contains:. Please do not give warnings: for slash pairings.

-Label crossover fics or any other crossover media as crossover.



Contact darth_eldritch in case of questions or concerns.
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